Boost Your Living Space: 7 Retractable Fly Screen Benefits

Boost Your Living Space:  7 Retractable Fly Screen Benefits

Discover all the advantages of installing retractable fly screens with our comprehensive guide. In this blog, we'll explain what a retractable fly screen is, discuss the main types available, provide installation tips, and highlight its key benefits. From keeping insects out to facilitating airflow and maintaining privacy, we’ll explore how retractable fly screens are a simple yet effective addition to any home. Let’s get started!

Understanding Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable fly screens, like those from Ezy Screens, function similarly to roller blinds but with durable fibreglass mesh instead of fabric. Designed with a sturdy aluminium frame, they can withstand various weather conditions while effectively keeping insects out. With options of pleated or smooth designs, our user-friendly retractable screens offer seamless operation and insect protection while maintaining clear views and airflow. To find out more about our retractable fly screens, check out our blog on what they are.

Types of Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable fly screens offer a variety of options to suit different needs. From a fly screen door designed to allow easy access to the outside to fly screens for windows that provide ventilation without compromising on protection and even large opening screens for expansive spaces, there's a solution for every requirement. Ezy Screens' retractable fly screens stand out with their durable fibreglass mesh construction, ensuring longevity and effectiveness. To learn more about why fibreglass mesh is the best choice for fly screens, explore our blog on the best fly screen material.

Key Benefits of Retractable Fly Screens

Improve Air Quality

Retractable fly screens can play a vital role in improving indoor air quality by allowing fresh air circulation while effectively barring pests and dust from entering living spaces. This simple addition promotes a cleaner environment by facilitating ventilation without compromising on comfort.

Better Health and Hygiene

Another benefit of retractable fly screens is that they can significantly contribute to improved health by effectively minimising the risk of mosquito-borne diseases and allergens. These screens create a barrier against insects, ensuring a more hygienic living environment and reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions and insect-related illnesses.

Increased Comfort and Ventilation

Installing a retractable fly screen fosters a more comfortable living environment by facilitating natural ventilation and decreasing dependency on artificial cooling systems. This creates a pleasant atmosphere indoors and reduces reliance on mechanical cooling methods.

Versatility and Customisation

Retractable fly screens offer versatility by being customisable to fit diverse door and window sizes, catering to different property types, including residential and commercial spaces. Their adaptable nature ensures they seamlessly integrate into various architectural designs, providing effective airflow regulation across a wide range of properties.

Ease of Use

Our retractable fly screens boast a user-friendly design with effortless opening and closing mechanisms. Installed with robust magnetic strips and long handles, they ensure smooth operation for users of all ages. Our magnetic fly screens' intuitive design and retractability allow for easy adjustment.

More Privacy

Another advantage of retractable fly screens is that they offer added privacy without compromising light or airflow. The fibreglass mesh screen doors and windows enable indoor views while preventing outsiders from seeing inside unless they're in close proximity. This feature allows for privacy without obstructing the natural flow of light and air.

Less Susceptible to the Elements

A retractable fly screen door offers greater durability compared to a traditional fly screen sliding door. As they are installed on the outside, sliding doors are always exposed and vulnerable to Australia's elements, leading to wear and tear from rain, debris, and wind. In contrast, retractable screens are tucked inside your home, which contributes to their longer lifespans and increased reliability, minimising the likelihood of damage.

Increased Home Value

Installing retractable fly screens is an investment that can boost the value of a home. Their practicality and aesthetic appeal make properties more attractive to potential buyers. Offering insect protection, improved airflow, greater privacy and much more, these screens enhance the overall appeal and functionality of a residence, increasing its market desirability.

Installation and Maintenance

DIY Installation

Installing retractable fly screens can be a rewarding DIY project. Begin by determining the door's opening direction: screens fit inside if doors open out and outside if doors open in. From there, measure the frame's width, ensuring a snug fit, and cut tracks and cassettes accordingly. Then, secure the cassettes, attach the tracks, and install wheel barrels. Finally, secure the tracks with screws, completing the installation process. For detailed guidance, click through to our blog on how to install DIY retractable fly screens.

Professional Installation Services

For those less inclined to DIY, Ezy Screens offers professional installation services, ensuring hassle-free setup and peace of mind. Our skilled team handles the entire process with efficiency, guaranteeing proper installation of your retractable fly screen.

How to Clean Fly Screens

If you’re wondering how to clean fly screens, you should first prop them against an outdoor surface or lay them on a clean, dry area. Then, use a fly screen brush to remove debris, then hose down with tap water from a normal setting, standing about two metres away to avoid affecting paintwork. Wash with a soft cloth and car washing liquid or wax, then rinse thoroughly. For further tips, check out our blog on how to clean removable fly screens.

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