What are Retractable Fly Screens?

Here I am going to discuss what they are, the benefits and why you should have them fitted as soon as possible whatever the season. They have so many purposes you will be surprised.

Why our Retractable Fly Screens?

Our fly screens act just like roller-blinds yet they are made with durable fibre glass mesh and not material. They have a quality aluminium frame and are fully weather-proof.  You can choose from a single cassette closing on one side or a double closing in the middle. We also offer colours in white, black or chocolate brown.


Keep out those Pests

The main reason most of us in Australia install fly screens is to keep out our abundance of menacing flying and crawling pests especially in the summer, however they also have lots of other features. 

Adding Value

We love opening our doors and welcoming spring and summer breezes while at the same time enjoying natural light in total privacy. We also believe our fly screens add value to any home. Our retractable screens blend into the door and window frames therefore they don´t affect the architecture and also add a modern appearance.

Enhancing your Home´s Appearance?

New screens can boost your home´s appearance instantly and also proves that you as the home-owner are looking after it. If you visited a home and they didn´t have screens would you find it uninviting and feel that the owner doesn´t care too much in other areas of the property maintenance?


Security is another factor they offer as having them fitted can deter criminals from trying to enter your home. Safety is a priority for your family so it is best to utilise what our retractable fly screens can do for your family and your home. Let´s be realistic! None of us want any unwanted guests, right?
If you have a property that you let out then fly screens can be a great investment to ensure the renters can see you maintain it properly.

It really is incredible how our retractable screens can make such a difference to your property in many ways. They can protect you against intruders, pests, UVA sun rays, keep your food free of contamination by pests, allow you to open your doors to fresh air and light and they look great.

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