About Our Screens

Amazing Prices and Quality - Retractable Screens for Doors
and Windows. 

Our Ezy Screens company is a family business dedicated to selling great quality fly screens for affordable price. We have been in business for more than a decade and we truly believe that we are experts in that field. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service and after sales expertise. 

We stand by our products and the confidence in our customer satisfaction is a number one priority. We are open and honest in the way we operate our business working around the clock to make sure our product will arrive in great condition and on time.
Every single customer simply matters to us. Thank you for shopping with us!

Our Screens

Ezy Screens are made off durable aluminium frame and fibreglass mesh and can be fitted outside or inside the door frame. Our retractable screens need around 47mm depth of space in the existing frame for the cassette to fit flush with the frame (the minimum of 30mm but less then that will require additional brackets to be installed - ask us for further details).

Ezy Screens come in three colours – brown, white or black and can be fitted by a handyman using drop saw with blade for cutting aluminium (see our detailed installation videos). If you prefer we can also customise our screens and cut them to size ( additional fee applies) or install them at our customer's place.

Ezy Screens suit different door and window application:
Door types - French doors double or single, sliding patio doors, single out-swing/in swing …
                 • Size up to 1400mm wide/2400mm high single cassette screens closing from one side to the other
                  • Size up to 2800mm wide/2400mm high double cassette screens closing from both sides to the middle

Window types – casement, single or double hung, sliding and tilt and turn …
• Size up to 1500mm wide/1500mm high (standard size)
 • Size up to 2100mm wide/1500mm high (extended size)


Options - Additional Fee

Cutting to Size:

  • window screen from - $49
  • door screen from - $69                                                                                   
Fully Installed ( Brisbane to Gold Coast): 
  • window screens - starting from $159
  • door screens - starting from $195