Magnetic Fly Screen Doors Explained

Magnetic Fly Screen Doors Explained

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh air and the feel of warm summer breezes throughout your home yet hate the pests and insects that come with it. The answer is a magnetic fly screen door.

Do Magnetic Fly Screens Work?

The answer is yes! They not only protect you from pests but allow you, your children and pets easy access. Imagine having a couple of shopping bags and being able to just walk right through without fiddling with other fasteners. Even though our screens have a strong magnetic closure they are also perfect when carrying drinks and food in and out while entertaining. Simple tasks but they really do make life easier.

The difference between magnetic screens and a traditional screen is the fact that they are less fiddly and are more secure as they fasten immediately. The magnets will automatically close which is a great feature.


The Top Features of a Magnetic Fly Screen Door

  1. No more flies, mosquitos and nasty pests. Fresh air is allowed in so you can open your doors in confidence.
  2. Easy to use and fast installation, or we can do it for you. You just have to find the right screen by measuring your door right.
  3. Long lasting and super strong. Some people have them for years. If you look after them your doors will have a long life making them very good value.
  4. Save energy by not using the AC. You can lower your electricity bill and help save the planet!
  5. The home owner and family can enjoy those precious summer breezes and smells. There are some smells that simply breathe summer like freshly cut grass and the smell of the BBQ.
  6. Easily fitted and they do not interfere with your architecture. They blend into your doorframe perfectly.
  7. Close automatically! The magnets will snap back after you go through the screen.

So, all in all a magnetic fly screen is excellent value, easy to install and a must for protection against our nasty pests. They compliment your architecture and allow in that much needed fresh air.