How to Install Your DIY Fly Screens

How to Install Your DIY Fly Screens

In this post, I´m going to explain how easy it is to install our double cassette retractable fly screen doors for door sizes up to 2300mmW/2400mmH. Our high quality and affordable screens are made of durable aluminium frame and fibreglass mesh that can be fitted outside or inside on the door frame. The screens simply meet in the middle with a magnetic strip.

Step by Step Guide

Firstly, note which way your doors open, as the screens need to be fitted on the inside if your doors open out and on the outside if your doors open in, this may seem obvious but this is a step by step so I want to cover everything I can in detail.

The ideal spot is inside the door frame with a 50mm mount gap but don´t worry as you can put tacks inside if you don´t have the 50mm as explained fully in our step by step video

Firstly, measure inside the width of the frame top and bottom to ensure the cut screens will fit perfectly. A good point to make is that not all door frames are perfectly square but it´s OK if it´s within 6mm, if it´s over then you may have to pack the frame.

Cutting the Tracks and Cassettes

You will see that they come with all the fittings and wheel barrels you need in a bag. Before cutting you must remove the end cap on the top and bottom of the pulling handles as well as the cassette. They should cut easily and accurately with a cutting machine. 

Slide the handle up so it´s flush with the top of the cassette and bare in mind the height of the end cap which is 8 mm.

After cutting brush out any particles and bang on the ground just to be sure. Use a screw driver to put the end caps back on with the handle in its original place.

When transferring the measurements to the tracks allow 50mm x 2 for the cassette width on both the top and bottom, so 100mm in total.

Final Stages

Secure one of the cassettes to the side of the frame with a drill in the bottom and top and slot the top running track in place (the larger one). Then secure the other cassette on the other side of the frame. The wheel barrels for the bottom should slide easily into the end cap groove and repeat on the other side. Pull the cassette out a bit and slot the bottom track in place and secure with a screw in the centre and do the same with the top. In the bag of screws there is a special tool to help you get the drill into the screws. And Viola! There you have your DIY fly screens in place in just a few stages.