Retractable Blockout Screen for Windows Retractable Blockout Screen for Windows Retractable Blockout Screen for Windows

Retractable Blockout Screen for Windows


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Retractable Blockout Screen for Windows

Introducing our latest addition to the Ezy Screens product line - the Retractable Blackout Screens! Now you can experience the same convenience, ease of DIY installation, affordability and functionality of our beloved Retractable Fly Screens, but with the added benefit of total darkness when desired.

Designed to seamlessly fit into any window up to 2100 x 1800. Our Retractable Blockout Screens are the perfect solution for those seeking privacy, enhanced sleep, or a cinema-like ambiance in their living areas. Whether it’s your bedroom, home theater, or any room where light control is essential, our screens have got you covered.

Crafted with the same attention to detail and quality materials as our renowned Retractable Fly Screens, the Blackout version ensures optimal performance and longevity. Easy to install and operate, you can customize the size to perfectly fit your windows, just like our Ezy Retractable Fly Screens.

With Ezy Screens commitment to customer satisfaction, our Blockout Screens come with the same hassle-free shipping across Australia, making it even easier for you to enjoy the ultimate light-blocking experience.

Take control of your environment with Ezy Retractable Blackout Screens - the epitome of style, convenience, and functionality. Sleep better, enjoy movie nights, and create the perfect atmosphere with this new addition to our range. Upgrade your space today!

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1. What is a blackout screen?

A blackout screen, or a blockout screen, is a window furnishing that entirely blocks out any light from getting into the room, essentially making it dark as night. Excellent for people working night shift and need to sleep during the day or if you’re putting a child down for an afternoon nap.

2. How does a blackout screen work?

Ezy Screens blockout blinds are made from 99% UV-coated fiberglass. This blocks out harmful UV rays and, most importantly, sunlight. They are polarised, so they block most light waves.

3. Can your blackout screens be used for all types of windows?

We can custom fit blockout screens to most windows, up to 2100 x 1800 in size. Speak with our teams if you have some unique windows that may need a custom blackout screen.

4. Are blackout screens easy to install?

Absolutely. We supply you with:
- One Retractable Cassette
- Left and Right Tracks (No bottom track)
- Fixings, Hardware & Accessories
Plus all the instructions.
All you need for a hassle-free setup.

5. Do blackout screens offer any energy-saving benefits?

Yes, there are benefits to your energy consumption with blackout blinds. By blocking out the sun, they can keep your house cooler, meaning you don't need to run your air conditioning as much. In winter, they help keep warmth inside your home, so you don’t need to run your heater for as long or as high, potentially saving you on heating bills.

6. What is the difference between a blockout screen & a blackout screen?

There are no essential differences between a blockout screen and a blackout screen. The difference is mainly in the amount of sunlight each allows through. Blockout curtains reduce the incoming light by up to 80%. Blackout curtains reduce the incoming light by up to 100%