Retractable Fly Screens: The Ultimate Guide

Retractable Fly Screens: The Ultimate Guide

We offer the best quality and great value retractable fly screen doors and windows offering you choices in sizes and colours and if your windows or doors need to be be-spoke in size we offer a professional cutting service. We have been in business for over a decade and are all experts in our field. We are proud of our carefully selected team and can promise you a customer service like no other. 

Peace of Mind

Imagine being able to relax in company while socialising or just doing everyday things with peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about bugs landing on your food or surfaces in your home. Bites and stings will be a thing of the past as you and your family enjoy peaceful living and sleeping.

Two more big plus points are that they offer shade so help towards sun protection during the height of our mega heat waves and importantly add extra security to your home.. 

By having Ezy screens fitted you will be improving your home while also protecting it and yourselves.

Our Door and Window Selection

We offer screens for a variety of door and window types: 

Door types - French doors double or single, sliding patio doors, single out-swing/in swing.

  • Size up to 1400mm wide/2100mm high single cassette screens closing from one side to the other. 
  • Size up to 2300mm wide/2400mm high double cassette screens closing from both sides to the middle.

Window types – casement, single or double hung, sliding and tilt and turn.

  • Size up to 1500mm wide/1500mm high (standard size)
  • Size up to 2100mm wide/1500mm high (extended size)

These easy to fit retractable screens protect all windows and doorways that lead into your home. They allow essential airflow into your rooms while stopping flying intruders in their tracks. They also fit perfectly without making any changes to the frames. You can fit them yourself by following our retractable fly screens DIY step by step easy to install video.

Fly Screen Material and Colours

Our screens are made of a durable aluminium framework and fibreglass mesh that can be fitted outside or inside of the door frame without affecting the look of your property. Our colour choices are chocolate brown, white or black. Most importantly they are fully weatherproof. Remember our service extends to cutting your screens and if you prefer we can come to you. Click here to visit our website and contact details.