Other Perks of Retractable Window Screens

I want to discuss some other perks of installing our DIY fly screens. Our modern retractable window fly screens not only look great, allow in much needed breezes in the spring and summer but are the only solution for keeping bugs at bay.

Protection for All the Family and Guests

The beauty about our fly screens are that when you don't want them they are out of sight, and when you do they are there to fully protect you, your family and guests. These retractable screens are now very much a part of modern living in Australia. You don't need a huge budget either because at EZY Screens we are proud to offer these screens at unbeatable prices. Check out our image gallery here.

Health Factors

These unobtrusive designed retractable window fly screens are the answer to eliminate bugs from your house and enable you to enjoy the sun as they allow everyone to enjoy the nice weather without being in the glare of the heat. Entertaining indoors can have a whole new meaning. You can chill out and relax knowing your food is safe from flies and you and your guests are safe from irritating flying insects and bites.

The health protection is a big plus as many of our flying insects carry germs and some people can have bad reactions to stings and bites or even allergic. The common fly is incredibly one of the worst culprits for spreading disease.

Common flies are a pest especially in the spring and summer months of the year, but most people are not aware of the serious health risks these common flies can pass on and the diseases they carry.
It is incredible to learn that our common fly can be contaminated with more than 100 bacterium, viruses, and other microorganism that can cause disease in humans.

Diseases Flies can Spread and the Illnesses they can Cause

  • E.coli: Could turn into a serious bout of food poisoning.
  • Cryptosporidium Protozoa: Can cause acute gastrointestinal illness resulting in painful diarrhoea.
  • Salmonella: This causes diarrhoea, being sick, fever, and severe stomach cramps.
  • Shigellosis: This is better known as Dysentery that causes painful stomach cramps and diarrhoea.
  • Myiasis: A disgusting infestation of fly larvae along with animal or human tissue caused by consuming maggot contaminated food.
  • They also carry the eggs from flatworms and roundworms.
  • Once the eggs hatch they become a larval that can penetrate the intestine wall which can become cysts in various tissues of the human body.
  • Some bacteria they carry can cause antibiotics to become resistant.

Protection Against the Health Risks of Common Flies.

The best protection against these awful diseases and infections for you and your family are EZY Screens. If you don´t already have them it is essential that you fit them on your windows and doors as soon as possible. As you know, flies breed just as quick as mosquito´s and can be just as dangerous. 

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